Cato is a niche firm of solicitors with a big reputation

Cato Solicitors provides advice to Corporations and Decision-Makers facing an internal or external dispute.

John Cato, is a highly competent Solicitor-Advocate.

The benefits of John’s dispute resolution service includes an incisive analysis of the problem and recommendation of possible solutions, so it can be properly and realistically managed.

John has been specialising in litigation for over 30 years – since 1984, when he started as a trainee.

In 2004, John decided to set up his own practice because he felt that working as a partner in a multi-partner practice left him unable to provide a dedicated focus to his clients’ interests, and his own, highly effective, law and Court tactics. John’s clients followed him to his new practice.

In a multi-layered larger firm the ability to give objective and considered advice is difficult; advice can be influenced by high billing targets and management and political considerations. Cato Solicitors is structured to ensure John is left in peace to pursue his client’s best interests.

This freedom allows John to honour the high level of trust and confidence which people used to repose in their own Solicitor.

Larger departmentalised practices with huge overheads (Cato Solicitors has never had a claim) often use a standardised, expensive and pre-determined process, including the over use of trainees and part qualified staff, who progress cases without the experience to see the ‘whole wood’. Low competence levels can hide in a large firm but a sole practitioner lives by reputation alone.

Giving strong advice (or any advice) is often avoided in this litigation assembly line by giving client’s recommended options which they have to navigate and decide between on little more than instinct.

The Cato Approach – FIRAB

FACTS – what facts are relevant to deciding your case?

ISSUE – what are the precise legal issue(s) in your case?

RULE OF LAW – what is the applicable law, what does it require, how does it affect your case?

ANALYSIS – John will apply the relevant facts to the applicable Rule of Law and tell you how they work together in your (company’s) situation. The evidence required to win your case – is always a good starting point! John may advise you to continue with negotiation and then litigation, or to extricate yourself.

BUDGET – if required, a guaranteed budget for your dispute based on Cato Solicitors project analysis system. This approach will uncover the facts and give you real and relevant advice and options. We charge for our services at a standard hourly rate or a negotiated consultancy contract.

What you can expect from Cato Solicitors

  • The relevant law and facts laid out for you.
  • Development of strategies and tactics for cases of any complexity
  • All your advice and associated work completed by a solicitor with over 30 years of dispute resolution experience and not delegated to inexperienced trainees.
  • A keen attention to detail with a flexible and responsible approach – it’s often the attention to detail, the ability to find a ‘chink in the armour’, that achieves the positive result.
  • Honest, considered and completely objective advice only influenced by your (company’s) interests.
  • Positive and clear advice – not just a list of options.
  • Strong communication skills, accuracy and efficiency in dealing with your instructions.
  • Management of your instructions in an assertive, timely and cost effective manner.

When you bring your dispute to Cato Solicitors you can expect something different. Clients like Johns positive, analytic, ‘can do’ attitude and have described his approach as, ‘a breath of fresh air’.

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