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Published Employment Tribunals pose a new risk to employers

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Employment tribunal decisions are now to be automatically published on a new online, searchable database which is available for anyone to access. For an employer this new development creates a risk  of adverse publicity and could provide potential claimants with additional information.

Final hearings in Employment Tribunals are public, and the decisions are available subject to the Court’s power to make a restricted reporting order or hear matters in private in very rare cases.

Previously you had to apply to the Court for a copy of a Tribunal decision.

All Employment Tribunal judgments are now available at: –

The decisions which have been uploaded (and previous decisions may start being entered) are searchable.  Anyone can search by the drop down menu or the free text search.  A search can be made by the name of employee, employer, Tribunal Judge or a member of the tribunal.

The risk of adverse publicity for employers has been significantly increased by this website.

Employees and their solicitors who are considering bringing a claim could search to see whether there are judgments regarding claims of a similar nature against a Respondent company.

If there are previous judgments against the company regarding, say, discrimination, employees could seek to draw inferences from those previous decisions.

This makes it even more important to get your policies and procedures in place and ensure that your Managers both know them and follow them in their dealings with employees.

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