We provide a business debt recovery service that is fast, simple, effective and cost effective.

Whether your invoice debt is contested or not our commercial debt recovery service provides cost effective recovery. Most debts require an initial letter before action, which we will provide within 2 working days from your instruction.

Undisputed Debt

A statutory demand is often the most efficient type of collection. It can be drafted and served at a relatively low cost, and often results in swift settlement.

Disputed Debt

If your debt is disputed we will review all you relevant documents and evidence and provide a written advice of your options and prospects for recovery.

We will consider the most appropriate method of enforcement which could be:

  • Seizure of goods
  • Winding-up proceedings
  • Obtaining information from the judgment debtor
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Third party debt orders
  • Charging order
  • Bankruptcy proceedings

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