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Business disputes are no picnic. Unfortunately, they’re also not that uncommon, and if you’re currently experiencing one, you’ll know better than most how unpleasant they can become.

Generally speaking, a business (lawyers often call it “commercial”) dispute arises when:

• A director or shareholder is excluded from the management of the business.
• A director pays himself a greater salary or benefits than others.
• The company changes its dividend policy.
• A director is alleged not to pull his or her weight but still draws salary and dividends from the business.
• A director sets up in competition with the company or diverts its business.
• A partner is treated unfairly in some way.

If you’re currently experiencing one of these or a similar situation, then you have our sympathy, but the good news is that you’re in the right place – Cato Solicitors have years of experience of successfully resolving business disputes, and our legal brains are at your disposal to help you solve your problem.

Will I have to go to court?

We can’t answer that question for sure, but what we can tell you is that most of our clients are able to resolve their disputes without having to go court.

Not only is a court case time consuming, emotionally draining and expensive, we’re also well aware that business must go on, and that all parties’ interests are best served by reaching an amicable conclusion, rather than the expensive and unpleasant process of litigation.

How Cato Solicitors Can Help Your Shareholder Dispute

How Cato Solicitors Can Help Your Shareholder Dispute
First things first, we’ll provide an early assessment of your dispute and set out your options for resolving it.

Generally speaking, most business disputes are resolved by one shareholder selling its shares to the remaining members, and we can assist with that process, bringing in our specialist accountants to ensure the business is properly valued and that your interest as our client is properly recognised.

Sometimes, mediation is a necessary part of the process, and we can bring our experienced mediators to the table, enabling all parties to discuss and agree both the valuation and the overall settlement.

What If I Have to Go to Court?

  • Unfair prejudice petitions – where the court may order shareholders to buy or sell shares.
  • Derivative claims – seeking the court’s permission to bring claims on behalf of the company, including against directors who have diverted the company’s business or set up in competition with the business but use their board control to prevent the company bringing its own claim.
  • Winding up petitions – where the court orders the liquidation of the company and the sale of its assets.

What’s The Next Step?

If you’d like to talk to us about your shareholder dispute, you can pick up the phone and call us on 0300 303 2071. Your initial appraisal will be free of charge, and if we both agree to work together, we will give you transparent guidelines on fees you can expect to invest. For more information click the below links:

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