Employment Price

Please read our page funding your case first.

Our standard, non-discounted hourly rates for employment tribunal claims are set out below. All stated prices are exclusive of VAT.

Partners & Consultants




Trainee solicitors




We will assign your case based on the level of skill and experience required.

After your fixed cost start we will give you a budget so you know what you are going to have to pay to the end of the Tribunal.

If your case does not settle, at the moment, depending on complexity, it can take between 12 to 18 months for a Tribunal case to be heard.

As a very rough guide, an estimate of our costs in an employment tribunal claim, if we do all of the work (including admin work a lot of which you could help us with if you want) and it goes all the way to a trial, would be in the region of £24-32,000.

These costs would include:

  • Taking your instructions;
  • Arranging to obtain and sort and list (a Tribunal requirement) all of your relevant documents
  • Constructing your witness statement;
  • Settlement discussions
  • Interviewing witnesses and constructing their witness statements;
  • Preparing and photocopying trial bundles;
  • Preparing for and attending all hearings on your behalf (usually two – one for the court to assess your case and one to try it).
  • The estimate above includes expenses and reasonable counsel fees – if your case needs counsel input at any hearings.
  • The estimate does not include any appeal against a Tribunal decision.